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none Certification specification
Certification specification

1. Overview


1.1 In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users of Matchexpo and maintain the normal business order of Matchexpo, these rules are formulated in accordance with the Convention of Matchexpo and the Service Agreement of Matchexpo.


1.2 Matchexpo have the right to unilaterally change the content of these rules at any time, and they can notify them by e-mail, page public area announcements, personal network area prompts, mobile phone text messages or regular letters, and such notifications shall be viewed from the date of sending. In order to have been delivered to the user or take effect, no separate notification is required; if the user continues to use the service after the content of these rules is changed, it means that the user has fully read, understood and accepted the content of the changed and revised rules, and will also follow the changed and revised rules. If the user does not agree with the relevant changes, he should immediately stop using the relevant services or Matchexpo. Matchexpo has the right to unilaterally determine the user's behavior and applicable rules, and deal with it accordingly.


2. Understanding and Recognition of Certification Specifications


2.1 Before users apply for authentication, they must first register as a Matchexpo user. The company has the right to take all necessary means (including but not limited to confirming with a third party) to identify the user's identity. However, under the current technical level, the methods that Matchexpo can take are limited, and there are certain difficulties in identifying users on the Internet. Therefore, Matchexpo do not make any guarantees about the accuracy and absolute authenticity of the authenticated user identity. .


2.2 The user agrees that Matchexpo has the right to record and save the information provided by the user to Matchexpo during the authentication and the information obtained by Matchexpo from other partners, and also has the right to provide the user or a third party whether the user has passed the Authentication and user authentication information.


2.3 The user agrees that the user is obliged to provide the real identity information of the company and individual for registration and authentication in accordance with the requirements of Matchexpo, and to ensure the validity of information such as business-to-public account, contact number, contact address, etc., and is also obliged to change the relevant information. Notify Matchexpo from time to time for updates. If the user provides any wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete information, or Matchexpo has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information is wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete, Matchexpo has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services to the user, or restrict the user's business , team and individual use, for which Matchexpo is not responsible.


2.4 Unless otherwise stipulated in these rules, once the user's enterprise or organization is successfully authenticated, the relevant identity information and authentication results cannot be modified by the user; if the user's identity information changes after the authentication is completed, the user should provide it as required by Matchexpo Information and updated after review by Matchexpo.


2.5 Matchexpo have the right to require users to provide relevant credentials of corresponding identity information and bank account information according to specific circumstances. The requirements and standards for specific vouchers are subject to Articles 3 and 4 of this service.


2.6 If the user fails to meet the conditions stipulated in these rules and the Matchexpo Convention and Matchexpo Service Agreement, but inappropriately registers as a Matchexpo user or is certified by Matchexpo, all legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the user; therefore, to Matchexpo If any loss is caused, compensation shall be made to Matchexpo.


2.7 In order to ensure the continuous authenticity and validity of the authentication information, for Matchexpo users who have passed the authentication, Matchexpo will verify the authenticity and validity of the authentication information through regular or irregular review according to the situation. If the authentication information provided is found to be incomplete, invalid or false during the review process, Matchexpo will have the right to cancel the Matchexpo account or release the relevant identity information of the Matchexpo account or stop providing services for it at any time according to the severity of the situation, including but not It is limited to restricting login, suspending or stopping some or all services, reducing or canceling benefits, canceling certification, dissolving enterprises/teams, banning, etc.


3. Identification of Authentication Information


3.1 Only certified companies/other organizations can enjoy full Matchexpo functionality; uncertified companies/other organizations are limited in terms of numbers, etc. For incomplete, invalid or false information, it will not pass the certification.


3.2 Enterprise/other organization authentication information (enterprise users provide the certificates required by 2.1, 2.2, and 2.4; other organizations provide the certificates required by 2.1, 2.3, and 2.4)


3.2.1 A photo of the authorized person's ID card in hand. The name of the authorized person should be the same as the name of the authorized person's hand-held ID card; the filling of the authorized person's ID number should be consistent with the ID number of the authorized person's hand-held ID card. The ID card of the authorized person should be within the validity period.


3.2.2 Provided by the enterprise: a copy of the copy of the business license. (The copy of the business license is handwritten with "only for the certification of Matchexpo", and a red official seal is affixed to the handwritten content)


3.2.3 Provided by other organizations: a copy of the copy of the organization code certificate. (The copy of the organization code certificate is handwritten with "only for Matchexpo certification", and a red official seal is affixed to the handwritten content.)


3.2.4 Enterprise Power of Attorney (all enterprises or other organizations need to affix their official seal).


3.3 The name, legal representative (person in charge), issuing agency, registration number, registered capital (investment capital), and company address of the company/other organization must be consistent with the content that needs to be uploaded.


3.4 Matchexpo users identified by identity information cannot modify the authenticated information, including but not limited to company name, name and ID number, etc.


3.5 When users of Matchexpo perform operations such as retrieving account passwords, they should present relevant identity documents or other information as required by Matchexpo, so that Matchexpo can verify the user's identity.


3.6 Matchexpo have the right to require users to supplement or provide other types of identity credentials according to the actual situation.


4. Bank Account Identification

When applying for enterprise-to-public account authentication, Matchexpo have the right to request users to provide enterprise-to-public bank account information according to the specific circumstances:

4.1 They should provide their RMB account number, account name and account bank opened in a mainland bank.


4.2 The bank account opening name filled in by Matchexpo users must be exactly the same as the name in the business license or organization code certificate submitted for certification.


4.3 Matchexpo have the right to request users to supplement or provide other relevant documents of bank account information according to the actual situation.


4.4 Matchexpo users can only enjoy the following privileges after they successfully apply for a corporate account: (1) Matchexpo VIP enterprise qualification; (2) priority to apply for expansion.


5. Special Statement


5.1 Identity authentication information sharing. In order to allow users to enjoy convenient services, if the user submits an authentication application to Matchexpo through other websites or other partners, it means that the user agrees that Matchexpo will verify all the identity information and bank account information submitted for the user, and agree that Matchexpo will verify the results and the information of the bank account. The relevant identifiable information is provided to the website or partner.


5.2 Management of certification data. The authentication data submitted by the user to Matchexpo during authentication, that is, the irrevocable authorization is retained by Matchexpo. Matchexpo promises to protect the relevant privacy information of users in accordance with the Matchexpo Privacy Protection Policy.


5.3 Matchexpo has the right to add, delete or change the above privileges from time to time as needed. Once the changed privileges are announced, they will immediately replace the original privileges and take effect automatically. If the user does not agree with the relevant changes, he should immediately stop using the Matchexpo service. If the user continues to use the Matchexpo service or conduct any website activities, it means that the user has accepted the revised privileges.


5.4 Any Matchexpo user who provides wrong, incomplete, or false information to Matchexpo resulting in failure to pass the certification or suffer any other loss has nothing to do with Matchexpo.

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