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ZBOM 2024 Global New Product & Global Strategy Launch Event Was Successfully Held
6 Months ago
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Chase in the International Market and Show China's Strength


On November 6, 2023, ZBOM, a leading brand in China's customized home furnishing industry, held the 2024 Global New Product and Global Strategy Launch Event in Bangkok, Thailand, fully starting ZBOM brand's new journey of entering the global market.

The theme of event was "BETTER HOME BETTER LIFE". Relevant leaders from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, professional architect and professors of Politecnico di Milano, leaders of ZBOM, representatives from the agency of ZBOM in Thailand, and representatives of international strategic partners were invited to attend the event, discussing ZBOM's global development strategy and communicating about the ways for Chinese brands to go overseas.

The 2024 ZBOM's new global products -- "ISOLA COMACINA II" and "Masterpiece" were released. ZBOM also joined hands with representatives of strategic partners from the IUR circles to launch the "ZBOM HOME+ Global Development Plan" at the event, officially kicking off the exciting start of the ZBOM brand's journey overseas.

Zhang Xiaoxiao, Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand, said in her speech that, "Chinese enterprises actively go overseas and participate in global economic cooperation, which not only reflects the rise of the Chinese economy, but also makes important contributions to the prosperity and development of the global economy." Also, she acknowledged ZBOM's global strategic layout and had high expectations on Chinese brands going overseas with high quality.

From "ZBOM Home" to "ZBOM Brand", from "Product Export" to "Brand Going Overseas", as a representative global home furnishing brand, ZBOM is keeping up with the times and continuously innovating development models. Xu Bangshun, founder and president of ZBOM, stated that the further development of the international retail market and overseas engineering project business have become the two horse-drawn carriages driving ZBOM's global strategy. In the future, ZBOM will invest more resources to carry out systematic layout in key countries and regions, keep global business expansion, and create a better home and a better life for global users based on ZBOM's leading one-stop home solutions, high-quality products and services.

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Caption: ZBOM

Caption: Official launch of ZBOM HOME+ Global Development Plan

Official launch of ZBOM HOME+ Global Development Plan
Official launch of ZBOM HOME+ Global Development Plan

Source: ZBOM
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