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IIFF 2022, will be the new gateway of Turkish furniture to the World
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The furniture sector, increasing its export and contribution to the Turkish economy every year; will gather at IIFF 2022 that will be organized with the support of MOSFED in cooperation with Tüyap Fair Organization and Mos Fair Organization. More than 800 national and international participants and more than three thousand brands will participate in the fair that will be simultaneously organized in Tüyap Fair and Congress Center and Istanbul Congress Center between the dates January 25-30, 2022. IIFF 2022, which will be the largest furniture fair in Europe, will also be the first fair to be held simultaneously in two fair centers in Turkey. The fair, which will welcome the purchasing delegation from 80 countries, especially the European Union, the Middle East, the Balkan Counties and the Turkic Republics, will be the new gateway of the Turkish furniture sector to the World. 

The Turkish furniture sector, shipping their products to 200 countries in the world and exporting goods with value of more than 4 billion dollars, is getting prepared to gather at IIFF 2022 Istanbul International Furniture Fair to be organized between the dates January 25-30, 2022. IIFF 2022 to be organized with the supports of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED) and in cooperation with Tüyap Fair Organization and Mos Fair Organization, will be the meeting point of the furniture sector, which increases its share in the World every day with its 36 thousand manufacturers. The trendiest products of the furniture sector will be exhibited at the fair to be organized simultaneously at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center and Istanbul Congress Center in 25 halls with a total area of 260 thousand square meters. 

The exhibition will also allow the new markets to be discovered in terms of export. The latest products of the furniture sector, from bedroom furniture to children's room furniture, from dining sets to garden furniture will meet with the purchasing delegation from 80 countries of the World, at the fair that will be participated by 800 national and international companies and three thousand brands. The Fair, which will host many cooperation by gathering the countries, the professionals of the sector, the consumers, the purchasing delegations together, will also allow new markets to be discovered in terms of export. 

"Our export goal for 2023 is 10 billion dollars"

Ahmet Güleç, chairman of the umbrella institution The Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), said "We endeavor ourselves to increase our contribution to the Turkish economy as the furniture sector. We reap the fruits of our efforts with the economic added value we create. As a sector, we are increasing our production, export and employment day by day. Today, we rank among the top 8 leading furniture exports and our share in the world furniture market is 2 percent. Ranking among the top 5 in world's export and achieving export value of 10 billion dollars, are among our goals for 2023. We are aware that we will get even closer to these goals with the fairs and events that we support, in order for our sector to develop and increase its impact in the World".

“It will be a source of synergy for new business ideas”

Güleç, noting that IIFF 2022 will be a highly valuable meeting point for the sector, said "The fair, which will be the arena of many firsts, will create many opportunities for 36 thousand furniture manufacturers and our 12 thousand exporters to deliver their products to domestic and international markets. IIFF 2022, where international manufacturers and purchasing delegations from around the world, will be the source of synergy for new business ideas. We are inviting all sector representatives, who intend to extend their products to the World market and set new visions for themselves, to IIFF 2022." 

The great meeting of the furniture sector

İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of Tüyap Fair Organization, stating that IIFF 2022, which will welcome professionals of the sector as the largest furniture fair in the Europe, will be organized with new concept of fair organization, made the following explanations in this regard: "We are pleased to organize Istanbul International Furniture Fair, which is worthy of the furniture sector, the source of pride of our country in terms of labor, quality and design and which will be full of firsts. Our marketing activities are continuing in countries that have essential connections in the furniture sector and we anticipate that important export agreements will be concluded as an outcome of such activities. I am inviting all professionals to this great fair, which will be the largest meeting point of the sector and I would like to express my gratitude to our greatest supporter MOSFED the Federation of Furniture Associations."

It will prove its power to the World

IIFF 2022, the largest meeting of the sector full of firsts, will prove the power of production, quality and design of Turkish furniture to the World. At the fair, the latest trends of modern & modular furniture, luxury furniture, baby room, children's room and teen room furniture, beds/bases, office/school and education furniture, accessories and garden furniture and upholstery fabrics will be exhibited in a total of 25 halls at the fair.

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