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Introducing Bridge to Writing: A Transformative Writing Curriculum Unveiled for 2024 Release
7 Months ago
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OAK PARK, Ill.Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Heggerty, a leading provider of innovative educational solutions, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Bridge to Writing, a comprehensive writing curriculum designed to empower educators and inspire young writers. Scheduled for release in June 2024, Bridge to Writing promises to revolutionize writing instruction in schools across the globe.

Bridge to Writing is an expertly crafted curriculum for grades K-5 that bridges the gap between foundational literacy skills and advanced writing proficiency. It leverages a research-based approach to guide students on a seamless journey from developing basic writing skills to mastering sophisticated writing techniques.

"Bridge to Writing is like no other writing curriculum I've seen. It marries grammar instruction with writing process instruction to help teachers more efficiently and effectively support students' writing abilities," said Dr. Gary Troia, Associate Professor of Special Education at Michigan State and Bridge to Writing Academic Consultant.

Key Features of Bridge to Writing:

  • Structured Learning Pathway: Bridge to Writing offers a structured learning pathway that carefully scaffolds writing skills, ensuring a gradual and effective progression for students at all levels.
  • Engaging and Interactive Lessons: The curriculum is enriched with engaging activities and interactive lessons that captivate students' interest and promote active participation in the writing process.
  • Individualized Instruction: Bridge to Writing provides educators with the tools to tailor instruction to individual student needs, fostering personalized learning experiences and promoting student growth.
  • Integration of Technology: The curriculum seamlessly integrates technology to enhance learning, including interactive online resources and multimedia elements to reinforce writing concepts.
  • Formative Assessment and Feedback: Bridge to Writing offers ongoing formative assessment tools and immediate feedback mechanisms, aiding educators in monitoring progress and adjusting instruction accordingly.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Resources: Alongside the student materials, Bridge to Writing includes comprehensive teacher resources, professional development opportunities, and ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and effectiveness.

"We are excited to introduce Bridge to Writing, a powerful educational tool that will shape the future of writing instruction," said Andrew Follett, CEO of Heggerty. "Our aim is to equip educators with a flexible and effective curriculum that addresses the diverse needs of students and fosters a lifelong love for writing."

Bridge to Writing is currently being piloted in classrooms across the country with plans for a comprehensive research study next school year.

 "I like how Bridge to Writing immediately has students working with conventions," shared Bridge to Writing pilot participant Kim Abdill. "The writing prompts are precise, so even my most emergent writers know what to write and can feel successful."

About Heggerty: Heggerty is a renowned literacy education company providing research-based reading and writing curricula for preschool and elementary classrooms. Founded nearly 20 years ago by Dr. Michael Heggerty, a reading instruction pioneer, Heggerty provides digital and print curriculum, decodable books, classroom resources, and professional development to help educators empower the next generation of readers. The Heggerty curricula can be found worldwide, and we are proud to partner with over 8,000 school districts in the U.S. to transform the way children learn to read.

SOURCE Heggerty

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